About the Index

To determine the global state of simplicity, we asked over 10,000 people across 7 countries to evaluate perceived points of simplicity—or complexity—in their interactions with various brands and industries.

Once the results were in, we used the data to generate two scores to measure simplicity:

  • Brand Simplicity Score
  • Industry Simplicity Score

A Brand Simplicity Score

A score (from roughly 0 to 1,000) that rates each brand on its perceived simplicity

Brands were evaluated based on a question related to the simplicity/complexity of products, services, interactions and communications in relation to industry peers. The score takes into consideration the consistency of responses, the difference between user and non-user perceptions and the simplicity score for the brand’s industry.

An Industry Simplicity Score

A score (from roughly 0 to 1,000) that rates each industry on its perceived simplicity

Industries were evaluated on their contribution to making life simpler/more complex, the pain of interactions with companies within the industry and how the industry’s communications rank in terms of ease of understanding, transparency/honesty, concern for customers, innovation/freshness and usefulness.

By industry:
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