What makes a brand simple?

Remarkably clear and unexpectedly fresh experiences


In a world crowded with complexity, simplicity stands out. It brings clarity instead of confusion, decision instead of doubt. And the rewards are real. Simplicity inspires deeper trust and greater loyalty in customers, and clears the way to innovation for employees. So unlock the power of simplicity. Take it to heart, see the opportunities and realize your organization’s true potential.


Consumer demand for a simplified brand experience is clear. So are the benefits—increased profits, greater brand loyalty and more innovation.

So how do you know if your brand is simple or not? And how do you begin?

Take a look at the following 10 questions. The more you can check off with a definitive “Yes,” the closer you are to reaping the rewards of simplicity.

  • Is senior leadership committed to providing a simpler customer experience?
  • Do I know what our brand’s purpose is, and is it articulated in a simple, memorable and inspiring way?
  • Do we have the tools in place to get everyone to consistently deliver on our
    brand’s purpose?
  • Have we made it as simple as possible to innovate at our company?
  • Is our brand deeply focused on what drives preference within the market?
  • Are our marketing messages in sync with the customer experience?
  • Do customers share our view of who we are and what we want to be?
  • Are our products and services clear and easy to navigate?
  • Do we know the brand experiences where simplicity would be most appreciated and inspire greater brand loyalty?
  • Do we have a simple road map for our customer journey?

Still see a lot of complexity at your organization?

We can help.