Why Simplicity?

Simple brands top major
market indexes

A stock portfolio comprised of the publicly traded simplest brands in our Global Top Ten outperforms the major indexes.

*Percentage of grown of index/portfolio since the beginning of 2009

Simplicity by the numbers



How much a portfolio of the world’s simplest brands has beaten the average global stock index since 2009


The percentage of consumers who are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications


The percentage of consumers willing to pay more for simpler experiences


In the most complex industries customers are two-times more likely to call a representative to find information than in less complex industries

Movers and

Battle for binge watchers

#5 Netflix is expanding into new global markets beyond the US and Sweden, leaving #10 Amazon to play catch-up on streaming capabilities and original content creation.

Germany shows
up to play

Not only did the Germans win the World Cup, they boast three brands in the Global Index Top 10—ALDI, Lidl and Miele.